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service, consultancy and technology transfer to industry and craft

About us | Your partner in innovation and production improvement.




Through an accurate and precise service and maintenance we keep your machines always efficient and updated.ù


Prevention is an important source of savings!


Knowledge and skills of production processes and  latest technologies let us to make efficient and profitable your industrial initiatives.


Do not reinvent the wheel ask the experts!




Technology transfers

We have the know-how of hundreds of projects in mechanical, electronic, software and system.

Market sectors such as jewelery, eyewear, fashion and dental benefit from decades of our innovations. We are now able to transfer our technologies to companies wishing to become independent in their fields.


In six months you can be a CAD CAM manufacturer !!


The technology world is constantly changing, the market requires more and more sophisticated equipments and the need to produce competitive goods in Western countries is urgent and in most cases is the key  of the success of our companies.


Today to enter the market with innovative products very quickly it's very difficult and certainly expensive.

Today a new philosophy of technology transfer could change the picture, allowing  companies to acquire products and related skills to become very quickly owners of their future !

Products| Some of the areas that we have successfully explored.


During more than two decades we have developed machine tools, software and technical solutions applied to the typical eyewear materials.


Many of those technical solutions have changed the way to produce eyewears from prototype to mass production.


Our expertise and close cooperation with the most important manufacturers make it possible  the development of innovative and high-impact techniques. high-impact techniques.

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The gold industry has been a cornerstone of our business and our history.

We have addressed the problems of the sector at a time when production was crafts and we have marked the history with our  machine tools


Many of the most exclusive jewelry manufacturers in the market enjoy the aid of our machinesand  our technical solution.


In this market sector we own several very interesting technologies .


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As for the gold industry, fashion guided us over the years allowing us to develop machines, programs and solutions of great interest.


We are proud to know that the most popular brands use in their creations parts produced by our machine tools and we are proud to see that compare favorably with other far more expensive, even after decades of work.


The quality and durability is the substance!


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Back in 2005 we developed in collaboration with, and suggestions of the CMF Marelli, the Open Dental concept .


We have independently developed a "package" including full equipment, CAM programs, tools, materials and innovative methodologies.


Not even the most important manufacturers in the industry can boast such completeness.


Our solutions are recognized qualitatively the best in the market!


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Services | Not only products  services are essential !




Analysis, prototyping and development of programs for the industry and for automation.

In particular, to the CAD CAM and CNC


Analysis and development of automation solutions even robotics production and automated handling for the factory of the future


Training of technical staff in the design, management and production of manufactured goods for the areas of our expertise.


Technology transfer


Development of custom products with a deep competence in : mechanical, electronic, software

Design, supply and transfer of technology turnkey.

Typically establishment of laboratories or factories of machine tools for the dental laboratory


Analysis and design of management models for the industry and the crafts.

Suppliers search and management evaluation to  meet the production needs of the customer


How it works ?

Following a formal contact  a legal Non disclosure agreement will be drawn up and signed to prevent the parties to disclose important informations.

A first analysis will highlight the interest of the parties to enter into a second phase in which there will be the need of greater details. The client will express its demands and NET will draw up the first protocol / offer accompanied by the technical, economic and thunderstorms details .

In any case, and if the parties do not withdraw it will be prohibited the parties to use the results of the meetings and the analyzes performed.



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